ibx / CHANGES.txt

2013-05-05: More robust version checking of incoming TWS messages.

2013-04-30: Fixed occasional parse errors caused by empty price fields
            in TWS messages.

2013-04-21: Fixed response pickler bug in the Ib module that caused a
            missing terminating null byte.

2013-04-19: Improved unpickler performance by removing the construction
            of lazy values in unpickler combinators.

2013-04-18: Port number for TWS clients is no longer optional.

2013-04-16: Added a new interface Twsable.
            A type is 'Twsable' if it provides functions to convert between
            values of that type and raw messages of the TWS protocol.

2013-04-04: Fixed version mismatch in option price and implied volatility

2013-04-02: Initial public release.
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