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The _oasis Description field is not very informative compared to the Synopsis one. Could you please think about updating it with the one in the OPAM package:

LIBSVM-OCaml is an OCaml library with bindings to the LIBSVM library, which is a library for Support Vector Machines. Support Vector Machines are used to create supervised learning models for classification and regression problems in machine learning.

Also, in your Authors filed, you must put a coma to separate them.

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  1. Chris_T reporter

    Finally, do you see any problem in renaming "libsvm-ocaml" → libsvm or just svm as "ocaml" is clear for those using the library ("Name" field in _oasis)?

  2. Chris_T reporter

    Looks good to me. Since there are several authors, you may want to add a "Maintainers:" field to clearly mention who is in charge.

    BTW, do you mind to rename your OPAM package into libsvm as well?

  3. Oliver Gu repo owner

    Ok, I added the Maintainers field as well.

    Concerning the renaming issue: Because LIBSVM is a C++ library, I thought that the 'ocaml' suffix emphasizes that the library offers bindings to LIBSVM and is not a pure OCaml library. However, if the general convention in OPAM is that there are no 'ocaml' prefixes or suffixes, then I can make a pull request to change the package names in the OPAM repository.

  4. Chris_T reporter

    Well, to me, the suffix "ocaml" did not evoke the fact that it might require something outside OCaml... IMHO, the long description is clear enough for that. ATM OPAM does not deal well with C/C++/FORTRAN external dependencies — one need to install them by hand before. The best one can do for now is to add a tag. I am thinking to add this capability to oasis2opam actually...

  5. Oliver Gu repo owner

    Ok, the stuff I said above was maybe a bit confusing! I just thought since bindings are based on external software and the external software has some name, using the same name for a library that offers OCaml bindings is not a good idea. I also saw this 'ocaml' prefix/suffix notation elsewhere. And I choose the suffix to distinguish my library from the 0.1 release from Dominik Brugger, because it is a complete rewrite. However, I got your point in the context of OPAM. Indeed, the description on OPAM is clear enough. Also, 'opam install libsvm' needs less typing. So, shall we rename now? You can actually do it, if you like.

  6. Chris_T reporter

    It is up to you. If you have cloned opam-repository, you may want to do it because it is clearer that you agree to such renaming. If not, and you do not want to go through the hassle of cloning it, I can do it.

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