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LIBSVM-OCaml - LIBSVM Bindings for OCaml

LIBSVM-OCaml is an OCaml library with bindings to the LIBSVM library.


The easiest way to install the LIBSVM development files is by using APT:

$ apt-get install libsvm-dev

If you want to build and install LIBSVM from source, download the package here and type in the package directory:

$ make lib
$ mkdir /usr/include/libsvm
$ cp svm.h /usr/include/libsvm
$ cp /usr/lib
$ ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

To build and install libsvm-ocaml:

$ make
$ make install

Tests (optional)

To build and execute tests:

$ ./configure --enable-tests
$ make test

Documentation (optional)

To build the documentation:

$ make doc

It will then be installed by make install.


  • Dominik Brugger wrote the initial release for LIBSVM 2.8.