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libsvm-ocaml / _oasis

OASISFormat:       0.3
Name:              libsvm
Version:           0.9.2
Synopsis:          LIBSVM bindings for OCaml
Description:       LIBSVM-OCaml is an OCaml library with bindings to the LIBSVM
                   library, which is a library for Support Vector Machines.
                   Support Vector Machines are used to create supervised
                   learning models for classification and regression problems
                   in machine learning.
Authors:           Oliver Gu <gu.oliver@yahoo.com>,
                   Dominik Brugger <dominikbrugger@fastmail.fm>
Maintainers:       Oliver Gu <gu.oliver@yahoo.com>
License:           LGPL-2.1+ with OCaml linking exception
OCamlVersion:      >= 3.12
FindlibVersion:    >= 1.3.1
Homepage:          https://bitbucket.org/ogu/libsvm-ocaml

Plugins:           META (0.3), StdFiles (0.3), DevFiles (0.3)
XStdFilesREADME:   false
BuildTools:        ocamldoc, ocamlbuild
PostDistcleanCommand: $rmdir svmguide/data

Library svm
  Path:           lib
  Findlibname:    libsvm
  Modules:        Libsvm
  CSources:       libsvm_stubs.c
  CCOpt:          -g -O2 -fPIC -DPIC
  CCLib:          -lsvm
  BuildDepends:   threads,
                  core (>= 108.08.00),

# Examples

Executable xor
  Path:           examples
  MainIs:         xor.ml
  Install:        false
  BuildDepends:   libsvm
  CompiledObject: best

Executable svm_cli
  Path:           examples
  MainIs:         svm_cli.ml
  Install:        false
  BuildDepends:   libsvm,sexplib,sexplib.syntax
  CompiledObject: best

# Tests

Executable svm_test
  Path:           test
  MainIs:         svm_test.ml
  Install:        false
  BuildDepends:   libsvm
  CompiledObject: best

Test libsvm
  Run$:             flag(tests)
  Command:          $svm_test
  WorkingDirectory: .

# Documentation

Document API
  Title:                API reference for LIBSVM-OCaml
  Type:                 Ocamlbuild (0.3)
  Install:              true
  InstallDir:           $docdir/api
  BuildTools:           ocamldoc
  XOCamlbuildPath:      .
  XOCamlbuildLibraries: libsvm