This library abstracts architecture-dependent part of garbage collector
roots acquisition such as register windows of SPARC and register stack
backing store of IA-64. Main part of the code is based on Boehm GC 7.0.

With this library, you can easily write your own garbage collector such as
for small footprint, some application-specific optimizations, just learning
or to test experimental ideas.

See this page for latest information.

Implementation Status

This version only supports non-threaded execution contexts started with
GCROOTS_call_with_gc_ready_stack(). i.e. Entire stack is not scanned at
mark phase.

Since SigScheme the main application of this library does not need both
threading and scanning entire stack based on system-dependent absolute
stack bottom, I don't have a plan to support these features. If you need
them, please port the appropriate codes from Boehm GC. I would like to
merge it.


YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen  <yamaken AT>
FAMILY   Given / Nick


Hans-J. Boehm and all authors of Boehm GC for the useful codes.

Tanaka Akira for letting me realize about the GC problem through the
presentation at Binary 2.0 Conference 2006.