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Modified for 2.6 RC1

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 Main-Class: com.opensymphony.workflow.designer.WorkflowDesigner
-Class-Path: ../lib/designer/looks.jar ../lib/designer/forms.jar ../lib/designer/jgraph.jar ../lib/designer/foxtrot.jar osworkflow-2.6.0-dev.jar ../lib/core/commons-logging.jar
+Class-Path: lib/designer/looks.jar lib/designer/forms.jar lib/designer/jgraph.jar lib/designer/foxtrot.jar osworkflow-2.6.0-rc1.jar lib/core/commons-logging.jar


     public void testSave() throws Exception {
         URL url = getClass().getResource("/samples/saved.xml");
-		    Document inputDocument = documentBuilder.parse(url.toString());
+        Document inputDocument = documentBuilder.parse(url.toString());
         WorkflowDescriptor descriptor = DescriptorLoader.getDescriptor(url.toString());
         StringWriter out = new StringWriter();
         PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(out);
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