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plightbo  committed c77128e

final changes for the 2.5.0 release. yay!

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File build.xml

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     <property name="lib" value="lib"/>
     <property name="lib.core" value="${lib}/core"/>
+    <property name="lib.designer" value="${lib}/designer"/>
     <property name="lib.build" value="${lib}/build"/>
     <property name="lib.optional" value="${lib}/optional"/>
     <mkdir dir="${dist}/zip"/>
     <mkdir dir="${dist}/zip/docs"/>
     <mkdir dir="${dist}/zip/src"/>
-    <mkdir dir="${dist}/zip/lib"/>
+    <mkdir dir="${dist}/zip/lib/core"/>
+    <mkdir dir="${dist}/zip/lib/designer"/>
     <copy todir="${dist}/zip/docs">
       <fileset dir="${dist}/docs"/>
       <fileset dir="src"/>
-    <copy todir="${dist}/zip/lib">
+    <copy todir="${dist}/zip/lib/core">
       <fileset dir="${lib.core}"/>
+    <copy todir="${dist}/zip/lib/designer">
+      <fileset dir="${lib.designer}"/>
+    </copy>
     <copy file="${dist}/${name}-${version}.jar" todir="${dist}/zip"/>
     <copy file="${dist}/designer.jar" todir="${dist}/zip"/>
     <copy file="${dist}/${name}-${version}-example.war" todir="${dist}/zip"/>
     <zip zipfile="${dist}/${name}-${version}.zip" basedir="${dist}/zip"/>
-    <delete dir="${dist}/zip"/>
+<!--    <delete dir="${dist}/zip"/>-->

File docs/readme.txt

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 preview of what is to come. It currently only works semi-reliably
 for read-only mode. If you are going to use the designer, we
 recommend you back up all your data first. Thanks! 
+To run the designer, just run java -jar designer.jar

File src/designer/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

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 Main-Class: com.opensymphony.workflow.designer.WorkflowDesigner
-Class-Path: ../lib/designer/looks-all.jar ../lib/designer/forms.jar ../lib/designer/jgraph.jar osworkflow-2.5.0.jar ../lib/core/commons-logging.jar
+Class-Path: lib/designer/looks-all.jar lib/designer/forms.jar lib/designer/jgraph.jar osworkflow-2.5.0.jar lib/core/commons-logging.jar