Chris Leonello avatar Chris Leonello committed 228b3d8

Fixes #132. now trigger series change event on plot target instead of drag canvas.

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                 drag._gridData[0] = [x, y];
             plot.series[dp.seriesIndex].draw(dc._ctx, {gridData:drag._gridData, shadow:false, preventJqPlotSeriesDrawTrigger:true, color:drag.color, markerOptions:{color:drag.color, shadow:false}, trendline:{show:false}});
-            dc._elem.trigger('jqplotSeriesPointChange', [dp.seriesIndex, dp.pointIndex, [xu,yu], [x,y]]);
+  'jqplotSeriesPointChange', [dp.seriesIndex, dp.pointIndex, [xu,yu], [x,y]]);
         else if (neighbor != null) {
             var series = plot.series[neighbor.seriesIndex];
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