Tikal: Wrong conversion of <bpt> and <ept> tag pair converting TMX to MXLF

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Issue #541 new
Former user created an issue

Tikal command: ./tikal-0.29/tikal.sh -xm okapi-confusion.tmx -sl en-us -to okapi-confusion.tmx.mxlf.en-us

TMX source segment: The <bpt i="1" type="10001" x="2" />return<ept i="1" /> icon is disabled on the <bpt i="2" type="10001" x="2" />HOME<ept i="2" /> screen.

Is wrongly converted to: The <g id="2">return<ex id="1"/> icon is disabled on the <g id="2">HOME</g> screen.

Should be converted: The <g id="1">return</g> icon is disabled on the <g id="2">HOME</g> screen.

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  1. YvesS

    Issue has been verified.

    classes involved: net.sf.okapi.steps.moses.ExtractionStep and/or net.sf.okapi.filters.mosestext.MosesTextFilterWriter. The issue is likely in the toMosesText method. If not, it's a problem in the main object model or the TMX Reader.

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