Enhance xliff 2 filter to add metadata to TextUnit...

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Issue #978 resolved
Jim Hargrave (OLD) created an issue

Implementation would be similar to what we have done in the JSON filter. xliff 2 metadata type attribute will act as key and metadata content associated with it. Only Unit level metadata will be supported. Embedding/hierarchy should be preserved as XLIFFContextGroup supports arbitrary embedding. XLIFFContextGroup annotation will be used to store the meta on the TextUnit.

Example xliff 2 unit with subtitle info:

<unit id="1">
      <mda:metaGroup category="subtitle">
         <mda:meta type="startTimeStamp">00:00:02,000</mda:meta>
         <mda:meta type="endTimeStamp">00:00:04,000</mda:meta>
         <source xml:space="preserve">Welcome to the Republic of Liverpool.</source>

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  1. Jim Hargrave (OLD) reporter

    Temp Fix until we implement a more expansive xliff2 filter. We now handle some meta similarly to the json and regex filters.

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