Refactor AbstractMarkupFilter and YAML config so that all unit and integration tests pass...

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  • 2021-12-03


  • Major rewrite of AbstractMarkupFilter and related rule code. Code now consistently keeps track of extraction state and applies rule conditions in all casses.

  • Fix bug where order of actual and expected is swapped in FilterTestDriver. Update all callers in integration tests.

  • Fix where a start group should close a TextUnit in AbstractMarkupFilter

  • Clean up whitespace handling in AbstractMarkupFilter (preserve non-translatable whitespace if possible)

  • Fix issues with embedded inline exclude/include translate=”no” etc.. Deep embeddings of rules should now work.

  • Fix cases where rules applied and didn’t look at the conditions. Conditions are applied in all cases including end tags.

  • All end tags now look up start tag in order to know the true extraction rule (conditions may have failed for the start tag etc..)

  • TextUnit events now properly have end tags: <p>[$#self]</p>

  • Fewer events are generated overall.

  • Update OpenXml filter to use the new AbstractMarkupFilter API’s


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