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Okapi / ContributorLicenseAgreement


As more and more enterprises are using the Okapi Framework, and as the project is receiving more and more contributions from enterprises, a Contributor License Agreement has been put into place. Its goal is to ensure that:

  • Anyone using the framework can be assured its source code has been legally contributed and is safe to use.
  • Contributors can retain the copyright on their contribution without preventing the Framework users from safely using it as they see fit.

How Does it Work?

Each contributor needs to sign or be listed on a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

  • If you are working on the behalf of an entity (like a software company) and that company owns the contributed code: Get an officer representative of the entity to sign the CLA. By default the CLA applies to all employees of the company, but the company can also list specific contributors in the schedule A of the document. Afterward, the list of designated employees can be updated without re-signing the CLA.

  • If you own the contributed code: Just sign the CLA yourself.

The document is available in PDF format here: Contributor License Agreement.pdf. (Click 'view raw' to download the PDF.)

Send the document to:

Once we received your signed CLA you will be able to start contributing.


Q-1: I am a contributor for my own code, as well as code I develop for another entity. What should I do?

A-1: You must have two CLAs: One signed by you for your own contributions, and another signed by the entity you are contributing on behalf of for their contributions. Just make sure to have different emails associated with each CLA so each commit can be identified properly.
Note that you can submit a contribution on the behalf of someone else; for this use the Signed-Off option of Git with the email address of the person on whose behalf you are making the commit.

Q-2: How can a contributor make a contribution without commit access?

A-2: Occasional contributors often do not have commit access to the repository, so one of the committers needs to make the commit on the contributor's behalf. In that case, the committer needs to make sure to use the Signed-Off option of Git to provide the email address corresponding to the relevant CLA.

More questions? Do not hesitate to ask on the developers mailing list.