1. okfn
  2. getthedata.org


Install and Deploy

Clone from our copy of OSQA (with local mods in getthedata.org branch)::

  hg clone https://bitbucket.org/okfn/osqa/

Create settings_local.py based on dist copy.

Install dependencies::

  # for original version (from mid 2010)
  pip -E pyenv  django>=1.1 South markdown html5lib python-openid django-debug-toolbar

  # for 1.0 RC django 1.1 did not work. Used 1.3 and seemed ok
  pip -E pyenv  django>=1.3 South markdown html5lib python-openid django-debug-toolbar


Upgrade the code::

  hg pull -u -r getthedata.org

Do the db migration::

  python manage.py migrate forum


Simplest option::

  screen python manage.py runserver --noreload

However this is extremely inefficient.

Better is to use gunicorn::

  pip install gunicorn
  gunicorn wsgiscript:application --workers=2 -D

Corresponding config for nginx can be found in sysadmin repo.


Install theme material using the adminstration console in OSQA.

Install js into::