beno  committed f06995b

Fixed a few bugs w/ subgraphs and output quirks

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File jiscobib/

                    sg = g.bnc((subj, None, None))
                for ext in ("rdf", "nt", "ttl", "n3", "html"):
-                   doc = URIRef(subj + ext)
+                   doc = URIRef(subj + "." + ext)
                    sg.add((subj, FOAF["isPrimaryTopicOf"], doc))
                    sg.add((doc, RDF["type"], FOAF["Document"]))
                    sg.add((doc, FOAF["primaryTopic"], subj))
-               nt = g.serialize(format="nt")
+               nt = sg.serialize(format="nt")
                # NOTE: Should the graph URI be the nt document's one, some other format, or the abstract root URI? [Ben's question to self...]
                nq = nt.replace(u".\n", u"%s .\n" % subj.n3())