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The ORDF Ontology Server -- a simple Pylons Application

Installation and Setup

Install ORDF and OntoSrv using pip:

pip install rdflib==2.4.2
pip install -e hg+http://ordf.org/src/#egg=ordf
pip install -e hg+http://ordf.org/src/ontosrv/#egg=ontosrv

Make a config file as follows:

paster make-config ontosrv development.ini

Tweak the config file as appropriate and then setup the application:

paster setup-app development.ini

Make the data directory (depending on what you have put in the config file, the default is "data" in the current directory):

mkdir data

Install some fixtures and initial data:

ordf_load_n3 -p ordf.onto -b http://ordf.org/lens/

Install some optional packages:

pip install docutils

Run a testing webserver:

paster serve development.ini

Point a web browser at http://localhost:5000/graph?uri=http://ordf.org/schema/ordf and enjoy!