Wikipedia gadget to integrate bibliographica with wikipedia via isbns

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Rufus Pollock
created an issue

Wikipedia has gadgets which are bits of javascript that can enhance a page:

We should create a gadget that pulls out isbns from bibliographic entries listed in wikipedia and looks up relevant info on Bibliographica (generating a mini-citation for example). This demo would pave the way for more significant integration.

As an example of the sort of bibliographic lists and their associated html see:

{{{ <a href="/wiki/Spezial:ISBN-Suche/9783897213623" class="internal mw-magiclink-isbn">ISBN 978-3-8972-1362-3</a> }}}

Phase I Complete: see for installation instructions

=== Phase II ===

  • Remove sidebar info (10m)
  • Info when hovering over the ISBN containing full information about the item from bibliographica (2h) ** Use jquery ui dialog
  • There should be a link target for those ISBN which aren't in the bibliographica database yet. Add an extra <a> tag after the isbn with link text like: 'Not found in Bibliographica. Add now &raquo;' Defer as no way to add info to Bibliographica atm

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  1. Tatiana de la O
    • changed status to open
    Feedback from Matthias

    First thought: putting it in the sidebar is a bit counterintuitive, I would recommend linking the data more closely to the place where the work is mentioned (at least additionally to the sidebar). I am available via skype, do you have any date/time suggestion in the near future?

    • Most users would not expect any information on the sidebar
    • Tooltip when hovering over the ISBN
    • There should be a link target for those ISBN which aren't in the bibliographica database yet
    My thoughts

    The ISBNs we scrape can be:

    • When the book is the primary topic of the article, there are ISBNs with different editions (usually in neat wikipedia infoboxes)
    • When the primary topic is other than the book itself, but they are about an author for example
    • They are referenced in the article as sources, sometimes with nothing more than the ISBN (i.e. '<ref>ISBN 89578975478634</ref>')

    According with this differences, we should offer different treatment to the links.

    • If the ISBN is inside a <ref> tag, we offer to cite the work as a source of the article
    • If there is an infobox we can import the triples to our store, adding some more triples related to the page
    • If it's an author's page with his or her bibliography we could link it to our author too in some way (no idea which one)

    I will check out better the microformats offered by the infoboxes and the xml/js api of the wikipedia...

  2. Tatiana de la O
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  3. Tatiana de la O

    [wp/js][s]phase II of the gadget done, ref #14. see instructions in the js file

    now the ISBNs found in Bibliographica get a dotted highlight, and hovering through them a dialog appears with more info (publisher, description, authors, publishing date)


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