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austgate  committed e4c320b

Changes to search links and tidying up templating

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File openletters/templates/layout.html

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     <ul id="navigation">
       <li><a href="${url(controller='home', action='index')}">Home</a></li>
       <!--<li><a href="${url('gallery')}">Gallery</a></li>-->
-      <li><a href="${url(controller='letters', action='index')}">Letters</a></li>
+      <li><a href="${url(controller='correspondent', action='index')}">Correspondents</a></li>
       <li><a href="${url(controller='search', action='index')}">Search</a></li>
       <li><a href="${url(controller='timeline', action='index')}">Timeline</a></li>
       <li><a href="${url(controller='data', action='endpoint')}">Endpoints</a></li>

File openletters/templates/letters/correspondent.html

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-    <p>List of letters: <a href="${url(controller='letters', action='view', author='dickens', correspondent = c.author)}">${c.author}</a></p>
-    <p>Graph showing the spread of letters</p>
+    <py:if test="c.author"><p><a href="${url(controller='letters', action='view', author='dickens', correspondent = c.author)}">Letters to ${c.author}</a></p></py:if>
+    <py:if test="c.nicks"><p>Graph showing the spread of letters</p></py:if>
   <script type="text/javascript+protovis">
        var vis = new pv.Panel()

File openletters/templates/letters/text.html

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     will be added. </p>
     <p>If you want to look at the index for all the letters, just submit the form without a correspondent
-    or you can <a href="view/dickens">view them here</a>.</p>
+    or you can <a href="../letters/view/dickens">view them here</a>.</p>
     <p>Please type in a word or phrase in the box and then submit to search the letters.</p>
     <input type="text" name="q" value="" size="30" /><br />   
     <input type="submit" name="Search Letters" />