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[controllers/stats][s]: cache year action and add link to google form for adding new people.

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File pdw/controllers/

 import pprint
+import os
+from pylons.decorators.cache import beaker_cache
+from pylons import config
 from pdw.lib.base import *
 import pdw
         c.results = dict(pairs)
         return render('stats/all')
+    @beaker_cache(expire=86400, type='dbm',
+        data_dir=config['cache.dir'])
     def year(self, id=None):
         import datetime
         if id is None or not id.strip().isdigit():

File pdw/templates/stats/year.html

     <p>Total of <strong>${len(c.persons)}</strong> persons whose works entered the public domain in ${c.year}. To <strong>sort by a column click on the relevant heading</strong>.</p>
     <p>These calculations are crude and EU oriented &ndash; for more details see <a href="#methodology">important note on methodology</a> below.</p>
+		<p><strong>Notice someone missing from the list? Please tell us <a href="">using this form</a></strong>.</p>
     <table id="person-table" class="tablesorter">