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Repository for hacking on at Aid
Information Challenge 2010.

More info here:

This material is (c) 2010 the Authors (see below) and licensed under the MIT
license unless otherwise stated.


  * Paul Burt
  * Karin Christiansen <>
  * Rufus Pollock <> and <>
  * Andrew Priddle-Higson
  * Andrew Tait

Extensive credit should go to the creators and cleaners of the original dataset:

  * Tim Williamson at ODI
  * Richard Pope (working for Publish What You Fund)


ugandabudget/ skeletal django project (not ultimately used)

sql/ Public What You Fund/Richard Pope's db in sql form
  uganda_mysql.sql Version from Richard Pope (includes
      original Access tables)
  uganda_simple.sql Stripped down ANSI-SQL version restricted
      to Richard's prepared data
*.py: various python scripts to deal with data


Load uganda data into an sqlite db

    sqlite3 ugandabudget.db < sql/uganda_simple.sql

Access data from python


Load it into app

See (configuration file in development.ini)

You will need wdmmg store app. Check out mercurial repo:

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