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remove mention of key meta

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 from genshi.filters import Transformer
 from genshi.input import HTML
-from wdmmg.model import KeyMeta
+from wdmmg.model import Dimension
 from wdmmg.lib import helpers as h
 from wdmmg.plugins import SingletonPlugin, implements
 from wdmmg.plugins import IGenshiStreamFilter 
         if hasattr(c, 'viewstate') and hasattr(c, 'time'):
             if len(c.viewstate.aggregates): 
                 breakdown = c.viewstate.view.breakdown
-                km = KeyMeta.find_one({'key': breakdown, 
-                                       'collection': 'entry',
-                                       'context':})
+                km = Dimension.find_one({'key': breakdown, 
+                                         'dataset':})
                 if km: 
                     breakdown = km.get('label') or breakdown
                 columns = {