Disqus Plugin ============= The Disqus plugin allows site visitors to comment on individual pages using an AJAX-based commenting system. The downside of this plugin is that comments are not stored locally. Activating and Installing ------------------------- In order to set up the Disqus plugin, you first need to go to disqus.com and set up a forum with your domain name. You will be able to choose a forurm name. To install the plugin, enter your virtualenv and load the source:: (pyenv)$ pip install -e hg+https://bitbucket.org/okfn/wdmmg-disqus#egg=wdmmg-disqus This will also register a plugin entry point, so you now should be able to add the following to your WDMMG .ini file:: wdmmg.plugins = disqus <other-plugins> disqus.name = YOUR_DISQUS_NAME After clearing your cache and reloading the web server, comments should now be available on package pages and on the home page.