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[load] refactor israel loader to support new loader syntax

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File wdmmgext/load/israel.py

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     # Make a suitably configured Loader (this also creates the Dataset).
-    loader = Loader(DATASET_NAME, "Israel budget",
+    loader = Loader(DATASET_NAME, ["name"], "Israel budget",
         description = u'''Israeli budget.''', currency=u'ils')
     def describe_dimension(key, label, description=None):
             loader.classify_entry(e, level2, 'entity')
             loader.classify_entry(e, level3, 'programme')
             loader.classify_entry(e, level4, 'concept')
-            loader.create_entry({'name': e.get('name')}, **e)
+            loader.create_entry(**e)
     loader.create_view(Dataset, {'name': DATASET_NAME},