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Rather than having to write text files and having to learn a totally new syntax, it would be useful (particularly if the bulk of the JIRA task information was already present) to provide the JIRA task data in a spreadsheet format.

Use case/User story:

I'm implementing an Automated Test Tool for my company's product; and they use JIRA to track issues and new feature requests.

The Automated Test Scripts that the tool will run and associated meta data are contained within a spreadsheet previously generated by an extraction of the manual test procedures from their legacy test procedure library. Included in the spreadsheet columns are the test procedure, the user assigned to write the automated script and the date by which the script is required by. Each Automated Test Script needs to have a JIRA task for tracking information as it gets developed

There's a large number of these test scripts, so I want to bulk create the JIRAs using the information in the spreadsheet, and ideally without retyping or copy & pasting the data.

I can easily use Excel formulas to provide a new spreadsheet containing just the JIRA specific task data (assignee, due date, task title, task description, possibly other JIRA project specific or custom fields such as Component, Release version etc), each task contained within one row of the spreadsheet. Column Headings would specify the JIRA task field name.

Now I would like to specify the spreadsheet as the input data file to the jira-bulk-uploader tool; so that the tool can create the JIRA tasks in the JIRA repository...

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  1. Alexander Dudko repo owner


    Thank you for the idea. What do you think about using a CSV file as an input instead of a spreadsheet?

    I believe a CSV file can be easily created by Excel and Openoffice/LibreOffice.

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