pyquery / CHANGES.txt

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Allow to pass this in .filter() callback

Add .contents() .items()

Add tox.ini

Bug fixes: fix #35 #55 #64 #66


Fix cssselectpatch to match the newer implementation of cssselect. Fixes issue #62, #52 and #59 (Haoyu Bai)

Fix issue #37 (Caleb Burns)


Allow to use a custom css translator.

Fix issue 44: case problem with xml documents


PyQuery now use `cssselect <>`_. See issue

Fix issue 40: forward .html() extra arguments to ``lxml.etree.tostring``


Minor release. Include test file so you can run tests from the tarball.


fix issues 30, 31, 32 - py3 improvements / webob 1.2+ support


fix issues 24


Python 3 compatible

Add __unicode__ method

Add root and encoding attribute

fix issues 19, 20, 22, 23 


Move README.txt at package root

Add CHANGES.txt and add it to long_description


Added PyQuery.outerHtml

Added PyQuery.fn


Change PyQuery.each behavior to reflect jQuery api
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