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root only work with py <3

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     def root(self):
         """return the xml root element
+        if self._parent is not no_default:
+            return self._parent.getroottree()
         return self[0].getroottree()
     def encoding(self):
         """return the xml encoding of the root element
-        return self.root.docinfo.encoding
+        root = self.root
+        if root is not None:
+            return self.root.docinfo.encoding
     # Traversing #
 PY3k = sys.version_info >= (3,)
 if PY3k:
+    from io import StringIO
     import pyquery
     from pyquery.pyquery import PyQuery as pq
     from http.client import HTTPConnection
     pqa = pq
+    from cStringIO import StringIO
     import pyquery
     from httplib import HTTPConnection
     from webob import Request, Response, exc
+    @not_py3k
     def test_get_root(self):
-        doc = pq('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><root/>')
+        doc = pq('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><root><p/></root>')
+        self.assertEqual(isinstance(doc.root, etree._ElementTree), True)
         self.assertEqual(doc.encoding, 'UTF-8')
     def test_selector_from_doc(self):
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