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fixed doctest failures

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     >>> p.prepend('check out <a href="">reddit</a>')
     >>> p.html()
-    'check out <a href="">reddit</a>you know ...'
+    u'check out <a href="">reddit</a>you know ...'
 Prepend or append an element into an other::
     >>> p.prependTo(d('#test'))
     >>> d('#test').html()
-    '<p class="hello" ...'
+    u'<p class="hello" ...'
 Insert an element after another::
     >>> p.insertAfter(d('#test'))
     >>> d('#test').html()
-    '<a href="">python</a> !...'
+    u'<a href="">python</a> !'
 Or before::
     >>> p.insertBefore(d('#test'))
     >>> d('body').html()
-    '<p class="hello" id="hello">...'
+    u'<p class="hello" id="hello">...'
 Doing something for each elements::


     >>> p.html("you know <a href=''>Python</a> rocks")
     >>> p.html()
-    'you know <a href="">Python</a> rocks'
+    u'you know <a href="">Python</a> rocks'
     >>> p.text()
     'you know Python rocks'
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