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fixed #40

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         return self.attr('value', value)
-    def html(self, value=no_default):
+    def html(self, value=no_default, **kwargs):
         """Get or set the html representation of sub nodes.
         Get the text value::
             >>> print(d.html())
+        Extra args are passed to ``lxml.etree.tostring::
+            >>> d = PyQuery('<div><span></span></div>')
+            >>> print(d.html())
+            <span/>
+            >>> print(d.html(method='html'))
+            <span></span>
         Set the text value::
             >>> d.html('<span>Youhou !</span>')
             if not children:
                 return tag.text
             html = tag.text or ''
-            html += unicode('').join([etree.tostring(e, encoding=unicode) \
-                                                        for e in children])
+            if 'encoding' not in kwargs:
+                kwargs['encoding'] = unicode
+            html += unicode('').join([etree.tostring(e, **kwargs) \
+                                                  for e in children])
             return html
             if isinstance(value, self.__class__):
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