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fixed the test, due to a "space"

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File pyquery/

     def test_get(self):
         d = pq('', {'q': 'inconsistency'}, method='get')
-        self.assertEqual(d('input [name=q]:last').val(), 'inconsistency')
+        self.assertEqual(d('input[name=q]:last').val(), 'inconsistency')
         self.assertEqual(d('.news-in-brief h3').text(), 'Slight Inconsistency Found In Bible')
     def test_post(self):
         d = pq('', {'q': 'inconsistency'}, method='post')
-        self.assertEqual(d('input [name=q]:last').val(), '') # the onion does not search on post
+        self.assertEqual(d('input[name=q]:last').val(), '') # the onion does not search on post
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     fails, total = unittest.main()