pyQuery doesn't appear to be actively maintained

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Cal Leeming
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I've noticed that pyquery doesn't appear to be actively maintained any more - and there are many outstanding issues on the list. Could someone please let me know what the plans are for pyquery, and whether or not you are going to start maintaining it in the future??

Both my companies and the majority of our clients make heavy use PYQuery - so we would be more than happy to take over maintaining the project (or create an official fork) should the need arise.

Can also contact me directly on

Either way, pyquery is an amazing piece of work, and it deserves to be maintained :)

Cal Leeming

Simplicity Media Ltd

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  1. Gael Pasgrimaud

    PyQuery is maintained. But due to it stability and the use of underlying libraries (lxml) it do not require some major updates.

    Latests major updates was:

    - porting to python3 - Done

    - use cssselect standalone package - Done

    I admit that I'm too lazy to fix a few issues. Mostly because they are not easily solvable or not well described.

    But contributions/patches are always welcome. Just remember a few things:

    - add some tests for each new features

    - be sure that all tests pass under at least py2.7 and py3.2

  2. Cal Leeming reporter


    The py3.2 part might be a bit of an issue as I personally haven't began porting to it yet, but hopefully there won't be too many issues. I'll get this forked to github, and will just forward the patches back to you guys (the first will probably be issue 45 - assuming you're happy with it).



  3. Cal Leeming reporter

    Hmm - I've used hg before and it annoyed the hell outta me.. But, I guess it would make more sense to do it in bitbucket, it would save me having to keep both updated all the time. I'll get it forked on bitbucket instead.

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