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Pov-Record is a plugin made for easy demo recording in Team Fortress 2. It automatically records the matches you play. You can also choose when you want to record a game or not by switching between plugin modes. There are several options:

  • (prec_mode 0) Don’t record at all
  • (prec_mode 1) Record only when name of the next demo is set by user
  • (prec_mode 2) Record games with tournament mode enabled
  • (prec_mode 3) Record all time

It automatically detects if you do long killing spree and saves demo file name, time and tick of your respawn before spree into a text document called “KillSteaks.txt“. You can also add good moments manually, e.g if you do a great airshot, you can press a key bound to prec_mark for adding time and tick into “KillSteaks.txt“.

To install plugin download latest version from download section and place it in your "Steam\steamapps\YourAccountName\team fortress 2\tf\addons" folder. Then launch game and set plugin’s mode you want to use in console.