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dashboard: move dashboard link to be under the Tickets link in the main nav - fixes #133 (from olemis)

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     implements(IRequestHandler, IRequestFilter, INavigationContributor, \
-    mainnav_label = Option('dashboard', 'mainnav', 'Dashboard', \
+    mainnav_label = Option('dashboard', 'mainnav', 'Tickets', \
                             """Dashboard label in mainnav""")
     default_widget_height = IntOption('widgets', 'default_height', 320, \
                             """Default widget height in pixels""")
         if data is not None :
             data['bhdb'] = DashboardChrome(self.env)
+        for item in['nav'].get('mainnav', []):
+            self.log.debug('%s' % (item,))
+            if item['name'] == 'tickets':
+                item['label'] = tag.a(_(self.mainnav_label), 
+                        href=req.href.dashboard())
+                break
         return template, data, content_type
     # IRequestHandler methods
     def get_active_navigation_item(self, req):
         """Highlight dashboard mainnav item.
-        return 'dashboard'
+        return 'tickets'
     def get_navigation_items(self, req):
-        """Add an item in mainnav to access global dashboard
+        """Skip silently
-        if 'DASHBOARD_VIEW' in req.perm:
-            yield ('mainnav', 'dashboard', 
-                    tag.a(_(self.mainnav_label), href=req.href.dashboard()))
+        return None
     # ITemplateProvider methods
     def get_htdocs_dirs(self):
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