bloodhound-dashboard / TESTING_README

= Testing Bloodhound Dashboard plugin =

== Overview ==

This plugin makes use of `setuptools` `test` command. Therefore all 
test-support libraries needed to run the test suite should be installed 
automatically (... considering the fact that they are listed in 
`tests_require` and `install_requires` entries in `setup.ini` script ;).
Recommended is the use of virtual Python environments. 

== How to run tests ==

All tests are written in files under `bhdashboard/tests` folder 
(sub-modules of `bhdashboard.tests`) having names starting with prefix 
`test_`. The following command should be enough so as to run tests 
in one such module :


$ /path/to/python test -m bhdashboard.tests.test_<something>


... where `<something>` should be replaced to match the name of an existing 
file containing tests e.g.


$ /path/to/python test -m bhdashboard.tests.test_report


== Continuous integration ==


== How do we run tests ==

At present members of the team run tests on their computers as mentioned below :

  - ''Python'' '''2.6''' virtual environment , Trac '''0.11.7''' .

Besides there's a whole continuous integration infrastructure behind the 
project (but that's TBD so far, should be documented later so that's in the 
*TODO* list).

PS: ... much more details missing here BTW ... should be added as soon 
as possible ;) . Unfortunately weeks only have 7 days , 
days only have 24 hours ... :-/