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[svn r11410] XmlRpcPlugin: Small fix + test to gracefully handle running Python optimized (`-OO`) that may in fact strip all docstrings (leaving them as `None`). Fixes #9919.

Running `python -OO test` will now at least fail this new test that depends on ability to introspect docstrings.

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                 "No protocol matching Content-Type 'text/plain' at path '/rpc'.")
+    def test_rpc_info(self):
+        # Just try getting the docs for XML-RPC to test, it should always exist
+        from tracrpc.xml_rpc import XmlRpcProtocol
+        xmlrpc = XmlRpcProtocol(rpc_testenv.get_trac_environment())
+        name, docs = xmlrpc.rpc_info()
+        self.assertEquals(name, 'XML-RPC')
+        self.assertTrue('Content-Type: application/xml' in docs)
     def test_valid_provider(self):
         # Confirm the request won't work before adding plugin
         req = urllib2.Request(rpc_testenv.url_anon,


 def prepare_docs(text, indent=4):
     r"""Remove leading whitespace"""
-    return ''.join(l[indent:] for l in text.splitlines(True))
+    return text and ''.join(l[indent:] for l in text.splitlines(True)) or ''
     # Micro-second support added to 0.12dev r9210
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