bloodhound-tlp / bloodhound_relations / README

= Ticket Relations plugin for Apache(TM) Bloodhound =

== Dependencies ==

This plugin depends on the following components to be installed:

  - [ Trac]  ,,Since version 
    ''' 1.0.1 ''',, .

== Configuration ==

In order to enable [wiki:/En/Devel/BloodhoundTicketRelationsPlugin BloodhoundTicketRelationsPlugin] plugin,
the only thing to do is to add the following lines to [wiki:TracIni trac.ini].

bhrelations.* = enabled

== Bug / feature requests ==

Existing bugs and feature requests for [wiki:/En/Devel/BloodhoundTicketRelationsPlugin BloodhoundTicketRelationsPlugin] are
[query:status=new|assigned|reopened&keywords=~bep-0006 here].
If you have any issues, please create a [/newticket?keywords=bep-0006 new ticket].
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