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:mod:`trac.cache` -- Control of cached data coherency

Trac is a server application which may involve multiple concurrent processes. The coherency of the data presented to the clients is ensured by the underlying database and its transaction handling. However, a server process will not systematically retrieve data from the database, as various in-memory caches are used for performance reasons. We could ensure the integrity of those caches in a single process in presence of multiple threads by the appropriate use of locking and by updating the caches as needed, but we also need a mechanism for invalidating the caches in the other processes.

The purpose of this module is to provide a cached decorator which can annotate a data retriever method of a class for turning it into an attribute working like a cache. This means that an access to this attribute will only call the underlying retriever method once on first access, or only once after the cache has been invalidated, even if this invalidation happened in another process.

Public API

Internal API

The following classes are the descriptors created by the cached decorator:

Both classes inherit from a common base: