bloodhound-trac / doc / utils /

# Simple wrapper script needed to run epydoc

import sys

    from epydoc.cli import cli
except ImportError:
    print>>sys.stderr, "No epydoc installed (see"

# Epydoc 3.0.1 has some trouble running with recent Docutils (>= 0.6),
# so we work around this bug, following the lines of the fix in
# (see

    from docutils.nodes import Text
    if not hasattr(Text, 'data'):
        setattr(Text, 'data', property(lambda self: self.astext()))
except ImportError:
    print>>sys.stderr, "docutils is needed for running epydoc " \

# Epydoc doesn't allow much control over the generated graphs. This is
# bad especially for the class graph for Component which has a lot of
# subclasses, so we need to force Left-to-Right mode.

# from epydoc.docwriter.html import HTMLWriter
# HTMLWriter_render_graph = HTMLWriter.render_graph
# def render_graph_LR(self, graph):
#     if graph:
#         graph.body += 'rankdir=LR\n'
#     return HTMLWriter_render_graph(self, graph)
# HTMLWriter.render_graph = render_graph_LR

# Well, LR mode doesn't really look better...
# the ASCII-art version seems better in most cases.

# Workaround "visiting unknown node type" error due to `.. note ::` 
# This was due to the lack of Admonitions transforms. Add it.

from epydoc.markup.restructuredtext import _DocumentPseudoWriter
from docutils.transforms import writer_aux

orig_get_transforms = _DocumentPseudoWriter.get_transforms
def pseudo_get_transforms(self):
    return orig_get_transforms(self) + [writer_aux.Admonitions]
_DocumentPseudoWriter.get_transforms = pseudo_get_transforms

# Run epydoc