bloodhound-trac / trac / ticket / templates / ticket.rss

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:py=""
    <title>${}: Ticket #${}: ${ticket.summary}</title>
    <description>${unicode(wiki_to_html(context, ticket.description))}</description>
    <image py:if="chrome.logo.src_abs">
    <generator>Trac $trac.version</generator>

    <item py:for="change in changes">
      <xi:include href="author_or_creator.rss" py:with="author ="/>
      <link>${abs_href.ticket(}<py:if test="change.cnum">#comment:$change.cnum</py:if></link>
      <guid isPermaLink="false">${abs_href.ticket(}<py:if test="change.cnum">#comment:$change.cnum</py:if></guid>
        <py:if test="change.fields">
          <py:for each="field, value in change.fields.items()">
              <py:when test="value.rendered">${unicode(value.rendered)}</py:when>
              <py:when test="not value.old">
                set to &lt;em&gt;$;/em&gt;
              <py:when test="">
                changed from &lt;em&gt;$value.old&lt;/em&gt; to &lt;em&gt;$;/em&gt;
                &lt;em&gt;$value.old&lt;/em&gt; deleted
        ${unicode(wiki_to_html(context, change.comment))}

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