bloodhound-trac / trac / upgrades /

from trac.db import Table, Column, Index, DatabaseManager

def do_upgrade(env, ver, cursor):
    # Make changeset cache multi-repository aware
    cursor.execute("CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE rev_old "
                   "AS SELECT * FROM revision")
    cursor.execute("DROP TABLE revision")
    cursor.execute("CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE nc_old "
                   "AS SELECT * FROM node_change")
    cursor.execute("DROP TABLE node_change")
    tables = [Table('repository', key=('id', 'name'))[
              Table('revision', key=('repos', 'rev'))[
                Column('rev', key_size=20),
                Column('time', type='int'),
                Index(['repos', 'time'])],
              Table('node_change', key=('repos', 'rev', 'path', 'change_type'))[
                Column('repos', key_size=56),
                Column('rev', key_size=20),
                Column('path', key_size=255),
                Column('node_type', size=1),
                Column('change_type', size=1, key_size=2),
                Index(['repos', 'rev'])]]
    db_connector, _ = DatabaseManager(env)._get_connector()
    for table in tables:
        for stmt in db_connector.to_sql(table):
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO revision (repos,rev,time,author,message) "
                   "SELECT '',rev,time,author,message FROM rev_old")
    cursor.execute("DROP TABLE rev_old")
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO node_change (repos,rev,path,node_type,"
                   "change_type,base_path,base_rev) "
                   "SELECT '',rev,path,node_type,change_type,base_path,"
                   "base_rev FROM nc_old")
    cursor.execute("DROP TABLE nc_old")
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO repository (id,name,value) "
                   "SELECT '',name,value FROM system "
                   "WHERE name IN ('repository_dir', 'youngest_rev')")
    cursor.execute("DELETE FROM system "
                   "WHERE name IN ('repository_dir', 'youngest_rev')")
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