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  2. bloodhound-trac


bloodhound-trac / sample-plugins / workflow / CodeReview.py

from genshi.builder import tag

from trac.core import implements,Component
from trac.ticket.api import ITicketActionController
from trac.ticket.default_workflow import ConfigurableTicketWorkflow
from trac.perm import IPermissionRequestor
from trac.config import Option, ListOption

revision = "$Rev$"
url = "$URL$"

class CodeReviewActionController(Component):
    """Support for simple code reviews.

    The action that supports the `code_review` operation will present
    an extra choice for the review decision. Depending on that decision,
    a specific state will be selected.

    Example (from the enterprise-review-workflow.ini):
    review = in_review -> *
    review.name = review as
    review.operations = code_review
    review.code_review =
      approve -> in_QA,
      approve as noted -> post_review,
      request changes -> in_work
    Don't forget to add the `CodeReviewActionController` to the workflow
    option in the `[ticket]` section in TracIni.
    If there is no other workflow option, the line will look like this:
    workflow = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow,CodeReviewActionController

    implements(ITicketActionController, IPermissionRequestor)

    # IPermissionRequestor methods
    def get_permission_actions(self):
        return ['TICKET_REVIEW']

    # ITicketActionController methods
    def get_ticket_actions(self, req, ticket):
        # The review action is available in those status where it has been
        # configured, for those users who have the TICKET_REVIEW permission, as
        # long as they are not the owner of the ticket (you can't review your
        # own work!).
        actions_we_handle = []
        if req.authname != ticket['owner'] and \
                    'TICKET_REVIEW' in req.perm(ticket.resource):
            controller = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow(self.env)
            actions_we_handle = controller.get_actions_by_operation_for_req(
                req, ticket, 'code_review')
        self.log.debug('code review handles actions: %r' % actions_we_handle)
        return actions_we_handle

    def get_all_status(self):
        all_status = set()
        controller = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow(self.env)
        ouractions = controller.get_actions_by_operation('code_review')
        for weight, action in ouractions:
            status = [status for option, status in
        return all_status

    def render_ticket_action_control(self, req, ticket, action):
        id, grade = self._get_grade(req, action)

        review_options = self._get_review_options(action)
        actions = ConfigurableTicketWorkflow(self.env).actions

        selected_value = grade or review_options[0][0]
        label = actions[action]['name']
        control = tag(["as: ",
                       tag.select([tag.option(option, selected=
                                              (option == selected_value or
                                   for option, status in review_options],
                                  name=id, id=id)])
        if grade:
            new_status = self._get_new_status(req, ticket, action,
            hint = "Next status will be '%s'" % new_status
            hint = "Next status will be one of " + \
                   ', '.join(["'%s'" % status
                              for option, status in review_options])
        return (label, control, hint)

    def get_ticket_changes(self, req, ticket, action):
        new_status = self._get_new_status(req, ticket, action)
        return {'status': new_status or 'new'}

    def apply_action_side_effects(self, req, ticket, action):

    # Internal methods

    def _get_grade(self, req, action):
        id = action + '_code_review_result'
        return id, req.args.get(id)
    def _get_review_options(self, action):
        return [[x.strip() for x in raw_option.split('->')]
                for raw_option in self.config.getlist('ticket-workflow',
                                                      action + '.code_review')]

    def _get_new_status(self, req, ticket, action, review_options=None):
        id, grade = self._get_grade(req, action)
        if not review_options:
            review_options = self._get_review_options(action)
        for option, status in review_options:
            if grade == option:
                return status