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adjusting indication of logged in status to show small icon and username instead of 'logged in as' text - towards #223

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           <py:with vars="meta_items = dict([, i] for i in chrome.nav.metanav)">
             <div class="span8">
               <div class="metanav pull-right">
-                <span id="nav_login">${meta_items.login.label}</span>
+                <span id="nav_login" py:choose="">
+                  <py:when test="req.authname and req.authname != 'anonymous'">
+                    <i class="icon-user"/>${req.authname}
+                  </py:when>
+                  <py:otherwise>
+                    <a href="${req.href.login()}">${_("Login")}</a>
+                  </py:otherwise>
+                </span>
                 <span py:if="'logout' in meta_items" id="nav_logout">
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