Missing methods in 'str' objects e.g. 'format'

Issue #21 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

e.g. "{x}".format(x="y") gives attribute error

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  1. Olemis Lang repo owner

    As a rule , just go ahead if not assigned ... though right now I can not figure out how to claim ownership of an issue ... it's not obvious at least to me .

  2. Billy Earney


    An update..

    I've added most of the string functions that are missing, but a few are still not implemented (format, for example, mainly because it looks hard, and will take some time). I also plan on adding some tests for the string functions, so I won't close this issue until I have done so.


  3. Billy Earney

    Here's an update on this issue. An alpha version of format has been pushed to the repo and is available in version1.4 There are still some issues with the format function, but very basic functionality should work okay.

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