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 To get started, [download](https://bitbucket.org/olemis/brython/downloads) and unzip the gz file called "Brython-site-mirror", then launch an HTTP server (eg the included Python server) and start testing Brython locally
-You can also use Brython without a web server : download and unzip one of the smaller packages (zip, gz or bz2) with the core scripts and standard distribution modules and open the file *test.html* in a browser. You can edit it and add other files for testing. It's easier to get started, but some features such as Ajax calls will be limited if you don't use a web server
 To deploy Brython on a web site, upload the content of the smaller package to the server
 If you want to edit the code, don't edit *brython.js* itself : it is a compressed, uncommented, unindented file. Edit the individual .js files instead, then generate a new version of *brython.js* with the Python script *make_dist.py*