cheesecake-service /

# Path to the cheesecake_index script.
CHEESECAKE_INDEX_PATH = '/usr/bin/cheesecake_index'

# Path of a directory where logs are stored.
LOG_DIRECTORY = '/tmp/cheesecake_logs/'

# Path of a file which last access time will correspond
#   to last PyPI connection time.
TIMESTAMP_FILE ='/tmp/cheesecake_service_timestamp'

# Path to a socket which will be used to pass commands
#   to the daemon.
COMMUNICATION_SOCKET_PATH = '/tmp/cheesecake_socket'

# Maximum number of times we will try to score a single
#   package before giving up.

# Maximum time (in seconds) we allow cheesecake_index script to run
#   before we interrupt it and flag this run as a failure.

# Time difference (in seconds) between our host and PyPI.

# URL of PyPI host.

# Password for PyPI post_cheesecake_for_release RPC call.

# Local PostgreSQL database settings.
DB_NAME = 'cheesecake'
DB_USER = 'cheesecake'
DB_PASSWORD = 'cheesecake'

# Absolute path of "static" directory.

# Absolute path of "templates" directory.
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