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 **builtin functions**
   A number of builtin functions can be used.  The precise set can be
-  found in `rpython/annotator/builtin.py`_ (see ``def builtin_xxx()``).
+  found in :source:`rpython/annotator/builtin.py` (see ``def builtin_xxx()``).
   Some builtin functions may be limited in what they support, though.
   ``int, float, str, ord, chr``... are available as simple conversion
 We use normal integers for signed arithmetic.  It means that before
 translation we get longs in case of overflow, and after translation we get a
 silent wrap-around.  Whenever we need more control, we use the following
-helpers (which live in `rpython/rlib/rarithmetic.py`_):
+helpers (which live in :source:`rpython/rlib/rarithmetic.py`):