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After splitting the docs it should be obvious that the translation toolchain can be used for other interpreters.

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 (now-dead) object are still true about the new object.
-.. _`prolog and javascript`:
-Can I use PyPy's translation toolchain for other languages besides Python?
-Yes. The toolsuite that translates the PyPy interpreter is quite
-general and can be used to create optimized versions of interpreters
-for any language, not just Python.  Of course, these interpreters
-can make use of the same features that PyPy brings to Python:
-translation to various languages, stackless features,
-garbage collection, implementation of various things like arbitrarily long
-integers, etc. 
-Currently, we have preliminary versions of a JavaScript interpreter
-(Leonardo Santagada as his Summer of PyPy project), a `Prolog interpreter`_
-(Carl Friedrich Bolz as his Bachelor thesis), and a `SmallTalk interpreter`_
-(produced during a sprint).  On the `PyPy bitbucket page`_ there is also a
-Scheme and an Io implementation; both of these are unfinished at the moment.
-.. _`Prolog interpreter`:
-.. _`SmallTalk interpreter`:
-.. _`PyPy bitbucket page`:
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