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RestOnTrac: plugin meta-data in script generator

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-name = Package name (mandatory)
-license = Comma-separated list of target licence file(s) (mandatory)
-topmod = Name of top-level module (mandatory)
-component = Trac component name identifying the project (mandatory)
-tracver = Comma-separated list of Trac versions supported. (mandatory)
-demourl = URL where a demo iluustrates the features in action (optional)
-summary = Describe the project *BRIEFLY*. (mandatory)
-desc = Not so concise description. (mandatory)
-folder = Root folder for the plugin source code in VCS (mandatory)
+name = RestOnTrac
+license = Apache
+topmod = tracrest
+component = plugin_restontrac
+tracver = 1.0
+demourl = http://blood-hound.net
+summary = Publish Trac data via a REST-ful interface
+desc = RESTful interface built on top of Trac XmlRpcPlugin
+folder = restontrac
-home = Home page of external project (mandatory)
-topmod = Name of top-level imported module (mandatory)
-since = Version since when dependency was intoduced (optional)
-verinfo = Tested or potentially working versions (optional)
-details = Explain dependency relationship using WikiFormatting (optional)
+home = http://undefined.org/python/#simplejson
+topmod = simplejson
+details = for Python<2.6
 c1 = Environment :: Plugins
 c14 = Topic :: Software Development :: Bug Tracking
 c15 = Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Application Frameworks
 c16 = Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules
-c0 = Add your own