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The functionalities are divided in three plugins, which must be installed in 
this order:

    1) Trac Generic Class => TracGenericClass

    2) Trac Generic Workflow => TracGenericWorkflow

    3) Test Manager => TestManager

An additional plugin is only useful for debugging and should not be installed 
in a production environment.

    *  SQL Executor => SQLExecutor


1) Download the Python Egg file (".egg" extension) which is RIGHT FOR YOUR 
   PYTHON VERSION, or download the source code and build it.
   Refer to BUILD.txt for instructions on how to build.
2) Open your Trac project's home page, go to the admin panel and select 

3) Notice the "Install Plugin" section. Browse for your Egg file and click 

4) Open a shell or command prompt on your Trac server machine and run the 
   database upgrade command that will be displayed in the Trac's page.
5) Restart your Trac server (e.g. Apache or tracd).