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= Simple but useful Trac macros =

Expand Trac capabilities by embedding simple snippets in wiki pages using simple macros.

== !ToDo ==

Outstanding tasks are :

[[TicketQuery(component=trac-basic-macros&priority=major, format=list, rows=id|summary)]]

== Dependencies ==

This plugin depends on the following components to be installed:

  - None yet.

== Installation ==

This plugin has been tested with 
[ Trac]  [ 0.11] . 

The first step to make it work is to [wiki:TracPlugins install this plugin] 
either for a particular environment or otherwise make it available to
all the environments:

$ easy_install /path/to/unpacked/

,, where ''x.y.z'' is the version of the plugin,,

... or alternately ...

$ easy_install TracBasicMacros

In case of having internet connection and access to 
[ PyPI] or a simlar repository, both these 
methods '''should''' automatically retrieve the [#Dependencies external 
dependencies] from there.

== Configuration ==

In order to enable [wiki:/En/Devel/TracBasicMacros TracBasicMacros] plugin, 
the only thing to do is to add the following lines to [wiki:TracIni trac.ini].

tracbm.* = enabled

== Bug / feature requests ==

Existing bugs and feature requests for [wiki:/En/Devel/TracBasicMacros TracBasicMacros] are
[query:status=new|assigned|reopened&component=trac-basic-macros here].
If you have any issues, please create a [/newticket?component=trac-basic-macros new ticket].