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= General Notes =

The CKEdiotrPLugin is in a beta phase.

It was tested with 
 - CKEditor 3.6.2
 - Firefox 7 + 8
 - Internet Explorer 8 + 9

= Known Bugs / Limitations =

 - marker and text color is not working in headers (see
 - when inserting an image, only image name as URL is not working 
   (even if there exists an image at that specific ticket / wiki entry)
 - when entering a link manually, it is printed with an exclemation mark;
   for example entering is saved as http:!//[[BR]]
 - copying lists from MS Word (tested with Word 2003) is not always working 
   completely (in some browsers it the deep intention is lost)

= Improvements Suggestions =

== technical improvements (suggestions) ==

The following approach might be a nicer solution as parsing the fragment and make a lot of 
recursive calls. This approach is also used by bbcode-plugin 
(see /CKEditor/_source/plugins/bbcode/plugin.js, line 135 and 311).

var parser = new CKEDITOR.htmlParser();
var parserText = '';

parser.onText = function( text )
	parserText += escapeFormatChars( text );

wiki = parser.parse( html );
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