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GViz providers: Fix GViz providers index using Trac=1.0 (formerly broken)

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File trac-dev/gviz/TODO

 X Include helper to convert CSV files under version control to GViz 
   API JSON format.
-- Fix GViz providers index, broken using Trac=1.0
+X Fix GViz providers index, broken using Trac=1.0
 ~ Write tests for data sources included in TracGViz 1.3.4 that are 
   not about version control.

File trac-dev/gviz/tracgviz/

 #   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 #   limitations under the License.
-r"""This module contains every WikiFirmatting extension being related 
+r"""This module contains every WikiFormatting extension being related 
 to Trac GViz system, as well as data sources that interact with Trac 
 Wiki module.
 from import WikiMacroBase
 from import system_message, wiki_to_html
-from genshi.core import Markup
+from genshi.core import Markup, Stream
 from genshi.builder import tag
 from genshi.template import MarkupTemplate
 from pkg_resources import resource_string
               wikifier = lambda text : text
             stream = tmpl.generate(cols=cols, p=provider, docs=docs, \
                                     pdocs=pdocs, dyn=dyn, fmt=wikifier)
-            return stream.render('xhtml')
+            return stream
         except Exception, exc:
             self.log.exception("IG: Generating provider docs ... failed")
             return str(system_message('Could not generate docs for %s' \
                                     'not found'))
                 providers = gvizsys._cache.itervalues()
-            doc = ''.join(self._provider_doc(p, formatter) \
-                                              for p in providers)
-            return Markup(doc)
+            stream = Stream(chain(self._provider_doc(p, formatter) \
+                    for p in providers))
+            result = sum(stream.serialize('xhtml'))
+            self.log.debug('GViz docs stream %s', repr(result))
+            return Markup(result.unescape())
 class GVizTableMacro(WikiMacroBase):
     r"""Render in TracWiki pages the result sets returned by